Top 10 Video Editor for iOS

iOS or Android gadgets, video editor is one of the most used application ever use. Ever one wants a better pictures or video so editing is one of the most favorable solution we have. Many mobile apps creator produce some potential video editor apps but we want more from it. Here are some of the video editor apps for iOS.

10. Splice

The video editor is a free apps for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch that lets you trim, put some effects, crop and many more options to use. You can buy the paid apps for more options to use.


9. Pinnacle Studio

Video editor for PC is now on iOS you can editor your video in your iPad anywhere without any hassle. You can enhance, organize, add some sound effects and many more things to do then share it in your favorite social media site.


8. Vimeo for iOS (Cameo)

Vimeo is one of the famous video sites you can watch great videos, they release a video editor apps for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch not only for there sites but for people who wants a better video before sharing.


7. Clipper

The video editor is an easy to use video editor apps. You can create movie like videos with these simple editor. You can add special effects and visual and audio crafting of your own.


6. Cute CUT

The video editor is free and downloadable through iTunes. This apps has more utilities you can use for more professional movie making videos.


5. Perfect Video

The video editor is popular for its high quality output video. You can create 1920 x 1080 HD video like movies.


4. Screen Chomp

The video editor is a easy to use and simple apps to edit and share your videos online. The apps is like and online white board which you can use to help or look for help in there own site.


3. iMovie

The video editor is a simple apps you can easily master. This video editors has themes you can use for more faster and easy editing.


2. Video Editor for Free

The video editor is a fast and simple video editor to use. You can trim, merge then share it on your social media for your friends.


1.FilmoraGo for iOS

Like the android version the FilmoraGo for iOS is a good editor for a more professional movie making videos.



Top 10 Video Editor for Android

We like our video to be great and sometimes we just like to create movie like videos out of our compiled videos. Aside from games other applications were created like video editing. Editing our videos is fun and very amusing, adding some pictures or putting a new background and even getting rid of some unwanted clips.

1. WeVideo

Edit videos anywhere using your mobile phones. Cut, paste and add some music to your own videos. You can even add some special effects and fun stickers to add. The application features many more editing tools for your enjoyment.

2. Clesh Video Editor

The video editor features 30 minutes of video cloud storage, slow motion, add image and photos, publishing to Facebook and YouTube and many more editing features added and many more features.

3. VidTrim Pro

The video editor features video effects, trimming, merging and frame grabbing. Some additional features like MP3 converstion, compress and MP4 conversion is also applicable. Sharing of videos using the application is also possible and many more features.

4. AndroMedia Video Editor

The application provides drag and drop video clips, transition and effects, FadeIn and FadeOut effect to your audio tracks. AndroMedia can support file formats like MP4, MOV, JPG, PNG, MP3 and WAV and many more features.

5. Video Maker Pro

The application features multi capture mode, recording Vine videos and Instagram and can create a quick movie maker from your photo album and many more features.


6. KineMaster

The video editor features transition effects, varieties of themes, animations and other visual and audio special effects like video speed control and FadeIn and FadeOut sound.

7. Snip Video Trimmer

The application features video trimming, renaming and view clip details. If you want to reduce the size of the video for a better and faster uploading.


8. AndroVid Video Editor

The video editor provides video trimming, video merging, video effects, video and audio mixer and many more tools. The application can convert videos to other formats like 3GP, FLV, MP4, VOB, MPG, MOV, WMV and AVI.

9. FilmoraGo

The application features video and pictures mixer, slow motion features, transition and many more tools to explore. You can download more elements and effects for more movie like videos. FilmoraGo also have its own PC version.

10. Viddy

The application is an easy sharing and video editing application. The application also provides its own social media group to easily share your videos and photos.


Top 10 iOS Games

There are hundreds of games in iOS phones with different gameplay and genre. People look for a good games to play in there extra time. Games can be relaxing and entertaining for some of us, but do you know what games to buy or download? Here are some of the most played games in iOS.

1. Pokemon Go

The most trending and most talked games all over the world. Gamer can catch Pokemon with their phone and gamer can look for Pokemon in their surroundings using their phone.

pokemon go clips.gif

2. HoPiko

An old school looking game but with an all new gameplay and game strategies. Gamers will surely spent lots of time playing this great retro game.

hopiko clips.gif


3. PewDiePie – Legend Of The Brofist

A YouTuber made its way to a mobile game, follow him and his pets on an adventure. The game is a 2D platform adventure game you will surely enjoy. You can also unlock other famous YouTuber by gathering coins in the game.

pewdiepie clips.gif

4. Prune

The game looks simple but “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, the game sure is interesting. You will guide a tree grow while cutting some stems to avoid collision.

prune clip.gif


5. Angry Birds 2

The second game of the famous “Angry Birds” game. Bad Piggies stole the Angry Bird’s eggs and the birds are furious to get it back. With new ally to help them and new obstacle to stop them.

angry birds clips.gif


6. Tales From Deep Space

The game revolve or rather start when the two unlikely duo meet in a futuristic elevator. Solve obstacle using two character and unravel secret of a villain.

deep space clips.gif

7. Space Age: A Cosmic Adventure

Another 2D retro game for iOS owner. The game provide entertaining story with a lot of twist and hours of playtime.

space age clip.gif

8. Agent A: A Puzzle in Disguise

A great 2D first person puzzle game that will make you think for hours. Track down a enemy spy and stop her in her quest for destruction.

agent a clips.gif

9. Alto’s Adventure

The game is an endless snowboarding run. Llamas to chase, rocks, trees and other stuff to avoid will while snowboarding yourself to rescue your precious llamas.

altos clips.gif

10. Always Sometimes Monsters

The game is a very interesting to time killer game. The game is a 2D platform game that will take you based on your choice and action. The game will eventually take you to choices that resembles the real life.

monsters clip.gif

Top 10 Games for Android

Every year cellphones are upgraded and created to satisfy our mobile needs. Games is one of the thing people looking forward in there cellphones. Using the maximum capabilities of the phone games evolve in a very fast way, from game graphics to game span. Here are the most anticipated and played games this 2016.

10. Minion’s Paradise

Phil, a yellow round minion who accidentally sunk the ship must now create a perfect paradise for the whole Minion family. Over 685,206 download in Google Play.

minions clips.gif

9. Despicable Me: Minion Rush

The minions has its own games and Minion Rush is one of them. Play as Dave, Jerry or Carl on and endless running game. Collect bananas and customize your Minions with different clothes and play some mini-games.

minions rush clips.gif

8. Pokemon Shuffle

If you love Pokemon and puzzle game you will love this game. Matching 3 or more same Pokemon horizontally or vertically will attack your enemy. Catch them and collect them.

pokemon shuffle clip.gif

7. FIFA 16 Ultimate Team

Love soccer? FIFA 16 Ultimate Team is a good soccer mobile game. You can get amazing skills and you can even build your own team. Get the best players from all over the world of soccer.

fifa clips.gif

6. Unkilled

The zombie apocalypse is here and NYC is the newest zombie hive. Play a first person shooter as Joe in the story mode and do story missions or play with real time players in the PvP game.

unkilled clip.gif

5. Star Wars: Uprising

“The Force is strong in this one.” Your right, its Star Wars in a RPG game and all the powers it have. The game was set in the time of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi and The force Awaken.

uprising clips.gif

4. Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Collect and level your favorite Star Wars characters. Battle lots of enemies in a story mode quest or join guild for more chatting experience. Create a formidable team of your choice.

sw heroes.gif

3. Marvel Avengers Academy

Experience the Marvel heroes in their teens. Play as your favorite Marvel heroes like Iron-Man, Thor, Black Widow and many more. Fight villains and upgrade your very own academy and gears.

avengers academy clips.gif

2. Final Fantasy IX

One of the greatest and best selling RPG games ever created in console and now in android mobile phone. The ninth installment of the “Final Fantasy” game.

ff9 clips.gif

1. Pokemon Go

Number 1 in our list is the newest trending games many people are very addicted. Launch only within a week the games become a big success in the US. Pokemon Go hitting hundreds of download overnight. More videos here.

pokemon go clips.gif