Top 10 iOS Games

There are hundreds of games in iOS phones with different gameplay and genre. People look for a good games to play in there extra time. Games can be relaxing and entertaining for some of us, but do you know what games to buy or download? Here are some of the most played games in iOS.

1. Pokemon Go

The most trending and most talked games all over the world. Gamer can catch Pokemon with their phone and gamer can look for Pokemon in their surroundings using their phone.

pokemon go clips.gif

2. HoPiko

An old school looking game but with an all new gameplay and game strategies. Gamers will surely spent lots of time playing this great retro game.

hopiko clips.gif


3. PewDiePie – Legend Of The Brofist

A YouTuber made its way to a mobile game, follow him and his pets on an adventure. The game is a 2D platform adventure game you will surely enjoy. You can also unlock other famous YouTuber by gathering coins in the game.

pewdiepie clips.gif

4. Prune

The game looks simple but “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, the game sure is interesting. You will guide a tree grow while cutting some stems to avoid collision.

prune clip.gif


5. Angry Birds 2

The second game of the famous “Angry Birds” game. Bad Piggies stole the Angry Bird’s eggs and the birds are furious to get it back. With new ally to help them and new obstacle to stop them.

angry birds clips.gif


6. Tales From Deep Space

The game revolve or rather start when the two unlikely duo meet in a futuristic elevator. Solve obstacle using two character and unravel secret of a villain.

deep space clips.gif

7. Space Age: A Cosmic Adventure

Another 2D retro game for iOS owner. The game provide entertaining story with a lot of twist and hours of playtime.

space age clip.gif

8. Agent A: A Puzzle in Disguise

A great 2D first person puzzle game that will make you think for hours. Track down a enemy spy and stop her in her quest for destruction.

agent a clips.gif

9. Alto’s Adventure

The game is an endless snowboarding run. Llamas to chase, rocks, trees and other stuff to avoid will while snowboarding yourself to rescue your precious llamas.

altos clips.gif

10. Always Sometimes Monsters

The game is a very interesting to time killer game. The game is a 2D platform game that will take you based on your choice and action. The game will eventually take you to choices that resembles the real life.

monsters clip.gif


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