Top 10 Games for Android

Every year cellphones are upgraded and created to satisfy our mobile needs. Games is one of the thing people looking forward in there cellphones. Using the maximum capabilities of the phone games evolve in a very fast way, from game graphics to game span. Here are the most anticipated and played games this 2016.

10. Minion’s Paradise

Phil, a yellow round minion who accidentally sunk the ship must now create a perfect paradise for the whole Minion family. Over 685,206 download in Google Play.

minions clips.gif

9. Despicable Me: Minion Rush

The minions has its own games and Minion Rush is one of them. Play as Dave, Jerry or Carl on and endless running game. Collect bananas and customize your Minions with different clothes and play some mini-games.

minions rush clips.gif

8. Pokemon Shuffle

If you love Pokemon and puzzle game you will love this game. Matching 3 or more same Pokemon horizontally or vertically will attack your enemy. Catch them and collect them.

pokemon shuffle clip.gif

7. FIFA 16 Ultimate Team

Love soccer? FIFA 16 Ultimate Team is a good soccer mobile game. You can get amazing skills and you can even build your own team. Get the best players from all over the world of soccer.

fifa clips.gif

6. Unkilled

The zombie apocalypse is here and NYC is the newest zombie hive. Play a first person shooter as Joe in the story mode and do story missions or play with real time players in the PvP game.

unkilled clip.gif

5. Star Wars: Uprising

“The Force is strong in this one.” Your right, its Star Wars in a RPG game and all the powers it have. The game was set in the time of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi and The force Awaken.

uprising clips.gif

4. Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Collect and level your favorite Star Wars characters. Battle lots of enemies in a story mode quest or join guild for more chatting experience. Create a formidable team of your choice.

sw heroes.gif

3. Marvel Avengers Academy

Experience the Marvel heroes in their teens. Play as your favorite Marvel heroes like Iron-Man, Thor, Black Widow and many more. Fight villains and upgrade your very own academy and gears.

avengers academy clips.gif

2. Final Fantasy IX

One of the greatest and best selling RPG games ever created in console and now in android mobile phone. The ninth installment of the “Final Fantasy” game.

ff9 clips.gif

1. Pokemon Go

Number 1 in our list is the newest trending games many people are very addicted. Launch only within a week the games become a big success in the US. Pokemon Go hitting hundreds of download overnight. More videos here.

pokemon go clips.gif